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Massage Therapy

Everyday stress, repetitive actions, and injuries cause pain that can seem to take up permanent residence in our bodies. Massage therapy is excellent for injury rehabilitation and for maintenance of healthy tissue. It decreases muscle tension, increases circulation, and calms the nervous system.

Relaxation Massage

If you feel anxious or stressed out, relaxation massage is for you. Relaxation massage utilizes Swedish massage techniques with active and passive movement of the joints to reduce the accumulation of muscle tension and stress in the body, increasing relaxation & body awareness. Immediate benefits are a relaxed state of mind, you will feel calm and balanced, and you will feel an overall good feeling of physical and mental well-being.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage utilizes a variety of techniques to rehabilitate soft tissue dysfunctions that are the result of poor biomechanics, poor posture or injuries. The focus of therapeutic massage is to decrease stress, reduce muscle tension, eliminate pain, lengthen shortened muscles, softening and dissolution of banded muscles, realigning of scar tissue; thus bringing back balance and elasticity to the body’s muscular system.

Some common conditions are: sport injuries, tension headaches, low back pain, injuries from motor vehicle accidents, periformis syndrome, chronic pain syndromes, TMJ dysfunction.

Note: Please make a free consultation appointment to find out about how massage therapy may or may not benefit your specific condition.

Sports Massage

Sports massage utilizes specific strokes, muscle balancing techniques, specific mobilization & stretching techniques, to help optimize the athlete’s performance and physical condition, plus minimizing muscle soreness and minimizing the possibility of injuries. The athlete will experience a relaxed state of mind, a feeling of balance, increased flexibility; feeling loose and freer aiding in the athlete’s ability to be in the zone.


Single Sessions

30 min - $60

75 min - $85

90 min - $115

If you know someone in need of therapy, or relaxation, or want to treat a loved one?
Gift certificates are available upon request.
Do you have coverage for Massage Therapy?

Most extended health care plans cover partial or full reimbursement for massage therapy. Direct billing can be provided with most insurance companies; please inquire.

Note: Some insurance coverage plans require a doctor referral. Please check with your insurance company if a doctor referral is required, before starting sessions.

Package rates are available to help you out financially.

Purchase a package of 3 sessions; and you Save $5 per session. Purchase a package of 6 sessions and you save $10.00 per session. Package of 12 sessions you save $15 per session Full payments of packages are due at time of purchase. *


package of 3 sessions

A great starting package to see a reduction in adhesions; increased flexibility and mobility in the body.


package of 6 sessions

With specific conditions that are rooted in acute or chronic neuromuscular pain patterns; a series of sessions is the most effective treatment plan to see significant improvements and desired results.


package of 12 sessions

Stress is guaranteed in everyday life. Give yourself the gift of wellness each month with a regular massage therapy session, to maintain an overall sense of balance in your physical and mental well–being.

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